Hi, I'm Riki! I support people who are looking for a sense of freedom, self-confidence and joy in their lives, by helping them access their potential through dance and wellbeing.

Have you ever felt powerless or unimportant? Have you ever felt like you are too little or too much? Or just simply, not enough?

Weeell, I have been there my friend!

I'm going to tell you how I overcame my lack of self-worth, and how I can help you believe in yourself through dance and video.

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The majority of my childhood was lived in the countryside and, as we all know, that's where fairies live.

I would play in the fairy rings I discovered, find hidden passageways and secret dens, and talk to all of the imaginary friends I made. As I got older I caught pokémon in the fields and on the beach near my house, and I had magical powers like the X-Men. I could control water and I had a bamboo stick as my weapon of choice!

I would watch all of my favourite fantasy shows and then re-enact them in this outdoor playground. My mother encouraged me to go out and explore and my brother was my team-mate.

You could not have met a child with her head more in the clouds! I believed life was perfect, that only rainbows and unicorns existed.

And then my parents separated, eventually divorcing.

Insert now a 6 year period where the unicorns died, the rainbows disappeared and my identity, belief system and trust in people disintigrated.

It is no coincidence that I started dancing, obsessively, at the age of 15 – the year my parents announced their separation.

My TV shows and fantasies were not enough anymore. Dance saved me from falling any deeper, but my internal battle was only beginning.

Looking back on this 6 year period of depression and anxiety, I remember how powerless I felt.

Dance became a place where I could feel free, I could make choices and I could have FUN without intrusion from the outside world. It allowed a safe place for me to play, thrive and just be.


The outside world was always there unfortunately. However, through a lot of mental health support and counselling, I felt lighter at 21 than I had in a long time.

But I had forgotten where the fairies lived. I'd forgotten how to use my magical powers. I'd forgotten how to fight and feel free.

And while life was good, really good even, I felt heavy. Too stuck in reality... Too grounded or something...

Even though I was in the middle of my MA in dance, studying my ultimate passion, my mental health began to decline again.

I knew my relationship with myself had to become my number one priority. I started to really listen, and the more I did that, the more I began to hear.

I began to hear whispers of my childhood, reminding me of who I used to be, what I used to believe; reminding me of a time when I was truly joyful, before I allowed other people to dictate my behaviour. Through dance, talking and some hard work... and more dance and more talking and a LOT more hard work...

The rainbows came back.

I remembered how to fight for what I believe in.

I remembered what freedom feels like.

After all of that work...

Now I make pieces like this!

Now, when I teach, I know I can help you feel like anything is possible. My classes empower people like you through creativity, learning and laughter!

I believe in choice... I believe in freedom... I believe in fun! Welcome to my world!

My name is Riki, and I believe in magic.

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