Group Classes, One-Off Workshops, Private Classes

Choreography, Dance Camps, Improvisation skills, Body Positivity, Mental Health

As a man that goes out a lot, I decided a few months back that I needed to learn to dance to get the max out of my nights out. Rachel came highly recommended and after just one session I was dancing, and dancing well, in the clubs! I thought it would take a few months! Rachel’s expertise has given me the knowledge and confidence to express myself and a new found love for dance!
— Richie, Private Student


Contemporary & Hip-Hop classes in Ireland and Beyond!

I specialise in creating a safe learning environment for people of all levels to try something new.

Have you always wanted to learn to dance but felt too nervous or self-conscious?

Have you felt you lacked the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone?

I can help you there!


I Teach...

  • Beginners and intermediate Hip-Hop and Locking with a focus on social dances, choreography and freestyle skills.

  • Advanced workshops in Hip-Hop and Commercial choreography.

  • Advanced Contemporary and Lyrical dance classes, both in technique and choreography.

  • A fusion of Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance choreography

All age groups! 2yrs - 70yrs!



What can you expect from
my classes?

⭐ Fun! Sweat! Laughter! ⭐

⭐ Group classes for a 6/8 week term that focus on an objective that we progress towards as a team ⭐

⭐ Self-confidence! An increased sense of well-being and accomplishment! ⭐

⭐ Private classes where together we decide what you would like to work on and gain confidence in ⭐

⭐ A respite from everyday life to re-energise and regroup! ⭐

⭐ One-off workshops where I focus on anything from advanced choreography to freestyle and improvisation techniques ⭐

⭐ A place to meet and be-friend like-minded people ⭐