rikilikemagic is a dance business and YouTube channel that aims to inspire freedom of expression, joy and self-confidence in others. This is carried out through teaching, choreographing and performing, as well as creating dance videos and personal journey vlogs.


Working with Rachel, I felt accepted and heard... I was pushed into weird, playful places and learning about these parts of me were more informative than I imagined... Rachel was prepared, excited, responsive and open to my ideas. I am so grateful for her joyous energy and thoughtful considerations.
— Mariela Argüello Retana, Professional Dancer, MA Contemporary Dance
Don’t you just love when art transports you to another realm? ‘The Wardrobe’ was a magical, emotional, thought-provoking romp though the world of fantasy and play via the medium of dance. I have never been so moved by watching a dance piece before. I cannot wait to see how this work grows and develops as time passes.
— Lisa Carroll, Previous Student & Audience Member


Rachel is an excellent teacher. She provides fun, high impact and well-constructed classes. Her dedication to teaching and the safe learning environment she creates allows us all to join her on a journey to create magic through dance.
— Dr Joanna Allardyce, PhD Developmental Neurobiology, Dance Student


Rachel... is a very engaged performer, extremely precise and very powerful. She is able to combine technical skills with rare performing qualities: she knows how to choose just the right “distance” in her dancing, alternating intensity and humour, giving depth to simple little gestures. ...imbued with fun and derision and, not to forget, a touch of virtuosity. When all is said, she’s a dancer to watch...
— Hélène Cathala, International Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer (Montpellier)