Collaborators and Resources

Below is a plethora of artists and companies I have had the pleasure of learning from and/or working with throughout the years.

Check them out!


Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company

I have performed in the Echo Echo Dance Festival twice now and it has always been so rich and fruitful an experience!

November 2018


Mihaela Griveva

Dance and movement research for Mihaela at Fringe Lab residency, Dublin.

June 2018


The Autonomy Project

Choreographer for The Autonomy Project, conception and founder - Lisa McLoughlin. Supported by Limerick City Council, Arts Council Ireland and Limerick Arts Office. Choreographed a piece on four teenagers centred around the theme of autonomy.

Feb - April 2018

irish world academy.JPG

The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick

Hip-Hop instructor for the BA in Performing Arts, Contemporary Dance Performance as an extra module. I have also choreographed a solo for the MA in Contemporary Dance.

Sept 2015 - Present Day


Laois Dance Platform

Performed solo at Laois Dance Platform as part of their national programme of dance professionals.

April 2018


Dance Limerick

Lyrical/Contemporary dance teacher. Studio hire for own Hip-Hop beginners classes for adults. In partnership with Dance Limerick running Limerick Youth Dance Company.

Sept 2015 - Present Day



Spent two summers dancing and learning Kung Fu and mixing the two in Ladendorf, Austria!

July 2015 - July 2016